Why Choose Us?

I am an independent party, acting on your behalf with anyone who may be in contact with your property. Albeit a small repair or a major renovation, I represent your high standards. My only vested interest is to act as your eyes & ears, ensuring any job meets your high standards. 

Though I may now live on Nantucket, being Responsive isn’t a luxury, it’s an expectation from any homeowner. Island Time only applies while on vacation. 

Throughout my professional career, it was required that I pay close attention to every detail, helping to ensure a successful outcome. I have simultaneously managed several multi-million projects with many very demanding & high value clients during the normal course of a business day.

I understand how critical Communication is when dealing with clients. Even when things may not go as expected, you need to know. 

-Our Founder | Frank Hicks

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Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing excellent trustworthy service and care for you and your property.


Below are a sample of services we provide:

  • Off-season property management

  • Project management ranging from minor repairs to major renovations

  • Personalized concierge services for your return or departure to / from the island.

  • Seasonal opening & closing of your home.

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