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Nantucket Property Services has provided customized care for island homes. With tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and our extensive network of trusted partners and seasoned experience caring for Nantucket properties, we make owning a piece of paradise simple and stress-free.

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Managing a Nantucket residence from afar takes a trusted partner. Whether you're looking for a helping hand with everyday maintenance or complete home and rental management, we're here to support your needs. We'll craft customized solutions tailored to your unique property and objectives.

About NPS

Founded in 2019 by Frank Hicks, Nantucket Property Services started small, focused on delivering impeccable service. As our reputation grew, so did our team. Today, we care for a limited number of our most trusted clients and embrace our role as stewards of these historic island cottages and stunning beach retreats.

Top FAQs from Homeowners

How often do you inspect the property?
Each property is inspected inside and out at least once per week. In the event of a storm, we will do a pre- and post-storm inspection.
Why Nantucket Property Services?
We approach each property from perspective of the homeowner, not from a contractor or vendor. Our primary concern is to ensure that the best interest of the homeowner is being represented.
Do you have a network of vendors that you could help me leverage?
Yes, absolutely; although, the homeowner is under no obligation to use any of the vendors that I bring to the table. This allows the homeowner to decide if they are receiving a fair price for the job, rather then receiving an invoice that exceeds their expectations.
What does a caretaker do for the homeowner?
Our primary role is to safeguard the property and communicate back to the homeowner any concerns. Secondly, I act as an intermediary between the contractor and the homeowner. As I implement the goals and objectives of the homeowner, I act as a conduit to share information between both parties. Lastly, I manage realistic expectations between the parties.

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