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Who We Are

Nantucket Property Services, LLC is a property maintenance and management company serving Nantucket, founded by experienced property manager Frank Hicks. We are dedicated to ensuring your home is in good hands. The security and confidentiality of our clients is paramount.

10% of all fees will be donated to 1 of 3 local Nantucket charities in the name of our client.

Call us at (508) 221-0669 to schedule a consultation.



Having our primary residence off-island and leveraging local resources to “keep an eye” on our Nantucket residence, my wife and I were never fully comfortable relying upon others to ensure our interests were safeguarded in the same way as I would maintain them.

Now living full-time on Nantucket, I can absolutely appreciate any concern an off-island homeowner may have. I had those same concerns.

Prior to being a full-time island resident, my professional experience has been in a customer facing role in technology for over 30 years. Customer Service is embedded in both my attitude & my actions. I value my client’s high expectations of the services which I deliver. Our clients security & confidentiality are of utmost importance.

My sole interest is allowing you to maintain “Peace of Mind” while not personally on-island.  My role varies depending upon the level of oversight and the scope of the services which you require.

-Our Founder | Frank Hicks

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